Karaca is among the first companies that signed the “Customs Brokerage Ethical Standards” declaration that was determined by the contributions of Ethic and Reputation Society, and joint participation and work of all Customs Brokers Associations, and includes the principles of professional conduct of Customs Brokers.

The principles of Declaration of Code of Ethics for Customs Brokers;

·    For all our activity, we comply with national legislation to which we are subjected, especially The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, and all international agreements and regulations to which Republic of Turkey is a party.

·    Reliability, impartiality and independence are the basic principles that guide us in all our business dealings.

·   While we pay attention to protect the legal rights of commercial interests of business owners, we also accept the protection of the public interest as our primary responsibility and we manage our business in accordance with this awareness.

·    We pay attention to make appropriate decisions for our responsibilities such as effective use of the resources of our country, environmental sensitivity while using our professional knowledge and ability.

·   We show the required diligence to our explained statements and reports to be realistic, and offer the related information accurate, understandable and timely.

·     We accept accuracy and transparency as our prior values in our all business processes and relations.

·     We give importance to the security of information, and do not share private commercial information of our customers with third parties and also not tolerate our employees to share this information, too.

·     We show the utmost care and pay attention to have business ethics to be the basis of our corporate culture.

·    We equip our managers and employees with awareness, rules and practices which will keep them away from conflicts of interest and prevent and oversee their deriving personal benefits by taking the advantage of their tasks.

·    We hold some performance activities (celebrations, caterings, and visits) in accordance with our laws, association statute orders and our code of ethics. We do not allow our employees to take gifts which may lead them to impartial decisions and behaviors, and give gifts to others for the same purpose.

·     We treat equally to all public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies, nongovernmental organization and political parties without any expectation of any benefit while carrying out our activities and procedures.

·      We do not cause any corruption in our operations and, do not tolerate.

·    We do not take place in unfair competition, pursue the protection of fair competition and consumer rights, and develop all our practices in this way.

·   We do not engage in informal employment; pursue the health and safety of employees, encourage the fair employment.

·    We make studies that increase social cohesion and social sensitivity; we act with a sense of social awareness and share this awareness with our entire business environment.

·    We develop applications that can spread all of our principles of business ethics, understandings and practices   to all our domains including business partners and suppliers.

·    We avoid from behavior that will harm our vocational reputation.

·    We respect the decisions of the Board of Professional Ethics.