1-Foreign Trade and Customs Legislation Consultancy Services 


The physical aspect of the issues about foreign trade is linked to the foreign trade legislation and the customs legislation. People, institutions and organizations that benefit from Foreign Trade and Customs Legislation Consultancy services professionally, are informed about legislations which are executed for customs, and developments occurred in the applications of these legislations and they provide a competitive advantage by using this information timely and accurate. 


The success in foreign trade in which serious competition takes place, depend on delivering the goods in time to the delivery location of the customers and / or manufacturers with minimum cost. However, some countries try to prevent the entry of goods to their market at customs by tariff and non-tariff barriers with the purpose of protecting the human health, animal and plant health and environment. Therefore, it is necessary to create solutions and put them into practice by using the rights granted by existing bilateral or multilateral agreements and existing laws. On the other hand, it is very important to have information about this tax in advance in order to determine the domestic sales prices of goods as the customs duty holds a very important place among the cost elements. 


The Legislative Service of Karaca provides consultancy services about all legislations, procedures and applications within the scope of customs legislations related to internationally tradable products, and procedures to be followed, and the permissions needed to be taken. Karaca includes the consulting services such as preparing all kind of permissions, HS detection and pre-notification of income tax, VAT, SCT etc. by ensuring the cost calculation by the preliminary research on document and information about goods given to us before receive the order for export and before the delivery of the order for import.


The followings also take place in the Foreign Trade and Customs Legislation Consultancy services of Karaca;


 Evaluating the appropriateness of the procedures, established by the Undersecretariat of Customs, the Unersecretariat of Foreign Trade, the Undersecretariat of Treasury and other relevant institutions, to the Customs, Foreign Trade and Exchange Regulations and CORRECTION OF THESE OPERATIONS WITH AN ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION or REMOVING or SUBJECT TO AN ADMINISTRATIVE LAWSUIT in a case of any contradiction.


 DEMANDING FOR THE CORRECTION TO CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION, BRINGING A LAWSUIT AT TAX COURTS and APPEAL OF THE COURT JUDGMENTS BY COUNCIL OF STATE if the Customs Taxes and funds are not paid by the customs authorities during the importation of goods or not paid fully , 


 MAKING THE NECESSARY ASSESSMENTS AND PREPARING THE DEFENSES about the criminal complaints against you with the allegation of committing any smuggling act stated in the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607. 


There are countless benefits in taking the advantage of a long-standing knowledge and experience of Karaca in terms of protection the rights of enterprises, relief of their damnification and cost. Karaca has and gives the privilege of offering professional Customs Brokerage and Foreign Trade Services to its customers by directing them right in all processes above. 


2- Foreign Exchange Regulation Consultancy Services 


The physical aspect of the issues related with foreign trade is regulated with foreign trade regulations and customs regulations, and their monetary aspect is regulated with Foreign Exchange Regulation. The term “Exchange” shows a system for controlling the movements of national currency of a country and foreign currencies within the country and in abroad in general. Today, the legal regulations of every country in the world concerning the follow-up of national currency and foreign exchange that should enter and leave that country after imports and exports done with national currency and foreign currency create the foreign exchange regime of that country. “The law on protection of the value of Turkish Currency” (No: 1567) that entered into force on 25 February 1930 is the basis of foreign exchange regime in Turkey. 


KARACA informs its customers in detail about the procedure to be applied according to the way of payment of import and export operations under the International Foreign Exchange regulations, all forms of payments to be used within the scope of Foreign Trade, Determination, advantages and disadvantages (risks) of payment methods should be used in import and export operations, Accredit ( L/C – Letter of Credit ) and the functioning of accredit, their legal obligations and legislation continuously changing, and solves their problems related to Foreign Exchange Regulations, and offers all kinds of consulting services to them with great attention and care. 


3- Free Zone Consultancy Services 


Free zone can be defined as places in which the legal and administrative arrangements prevailing in the country about commercial, financial and economic fields are not applied or partly applied, more incentives are given for industrial and commercial activities, and places physically separated from other parts of country generally. The main objectives of the establishment and operating of free zones are listed in the Law Nr.3218 on Free Zones as promoting the export- oriented investment and production, accelerating the entry of direct foreign investment and technology, turning enterprises towards export and improving international trade. Free zones that provides modern and improved investment environment to companies which want to turn towards export as well as providing contributions to the economies of countries in which they are located with their flexible and modern administrative structure are widely used as logistic centers also in our country for many years increasing their importance. 


Although they have all of these strategic importance and common practice for many years, a practical cooperation hasn’t been provided in relations of companies in Turkey with the companies established in free zones, and in many aspects of relations between the branch office in free zone and the center office in Turkey. Therefore, risky applications are observed in companies that buy and sell goods through free zone. 


Karaca Customs Brokerage provides the execution of Customs Brokerage Services in Field smooth and risk-free in free zone within the scope of existing structure and legislation provisions, and informs its customers about the points specified below related to Free Zone Applications applied in free zones in detail. 


  Free Zone Customs Enforcement

  Import from Free Zone to Turkey and the Problems experienced

  Preparation of A.TR and EUR.1 documents in Free Zones

  Funds Collected in Free Zone

  Warehousing in Free Zone

  Transit Trade for Free Zone

  Reporting of price and the other expenses for the selection of Free Zone

  Evaluation of Free Zones in terms of Exports to EU from European Union and those regions


We also provide service in such procedures including preparation of projects of companies which want to operate in Free Zones as well as Customs Field Services provided for companies which already continues to operate in Free Zones, making applications and obtaining permits and certificates in the name of the companies about the relevant Institutions and Organizations, establishment of your company and / or a branch of your company in these zones.